Art for Health 2014

Going on our 4th year teaming up with RUSH University Medical Center, to help raise funds!  This years event will be October 10th.


Art for Health was started by a group of artists and medical doctors committed to providing and improving health care for underserved communities around the world. As artists, we support the medical teams from the Global Health Program at Rush that travel to work with local community organizations to provide health care. 

To raise funds, we accompany the medical teams to our partner communities. What we see and feel is expressed in diverse art forms that celebrate the vibrant and resilient human spirit. The artwork is auctioned and used to raise funds and awareness. The proceeds go directly to support the medical and community work. 

We partnered with The Global Health Program at Rush and artists Marek Hosek, Brian Wetzstein, Sebastian Kowalski and Annie Grossinger to raise funds for our mission and create even greater awareness of the wonderful country of Haiti.