Thai Coconut Pancakes

A Taste of Bangkok

On a journey to Thailand, it’s hard not to taste many new exotic flavors. The country offers a plethora of exotic produce, from Mangosteen, Dragon fruit, to Lychees and Jack fruit, all of which have their own unique signatures.  Thailand has much to offer in street food, but particularly unique are it’s floating markets. Due to a booming tourist industry, it’s important to mention that these markets are a bit of a tourist trap, with merchants shouting out to you to buy anything they might have to peddle at that moment, but if you know what you are looking for, they are still worth the long and arduous trip.

Many cooks come out with all the fixings for entire meals, but one small treat that will make the palate happy with no damage from intense spices is a small treat called Kanom Krok, delicious half dollar sized coconut rice pancakes. They are sweet with the flavors of coconut milk and flesh with a delicate touch of rice for texture, and are lightly fried in a special skillet. Their flavor is subtle with a mild sweetness and they melt away in your mouth as you eat them, a simple treat you can eat while on the go seeing the rest of the market by canoe.

These tasty treats, as photographed by Brian Wetzstein, can also be made here in the West as shown. With the purchase of an Ebelskiver pancake grill and few ingredients including fresh coconut and rice flour these bite sized snacks can be whipped up for a sweet and creamy hors d’oeuvre or appetizer to give an exotic flare to any dinner party.