Parking at Brian Wetzstein Photography

Parking is available on Halsted, 19th Street, W. Cullerton Street, and facing South on Jourdan Court.


Street cleaning is between the Months of April 1st - November 20th

Between the times of 9 am and 3 pm


Halsted Street cleaning:  AUG 3,4, SEP 15,16, OCT 28,31

Cullerton Street Cleaning:  AUG 3,4, SEP 15,16, OCT 28,31

19th Street cleaning: AUG 3,4, SEP 15,16, OCT 28,31 

*all dates are 2016, From City of Chicago website.  Always double check for signs, city can change these dates.


Halsted Street is a Snow route.  Snow over 2 inches deep vehicles will be ticketed and towed



Brian Wetzstein Photography     1932 S. Halsted St.  Suite 203    Chicago, IL 60608 

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